Saturday, May 29, 2010

Yen, Camera, Packet, & Party! :]

So this morning I woke bright and early and went to the bank to go get the Yen that had been sent there along with my passport.  My yen came in a little envelope and when I peeked inside I almost died! The yen was beautiful! I loved the little picture of Mt. Fuji - san, and the yen itself was such pretty colors.  Why isn't the US currency as pretty?? After the excitement of getting my Yen, my mom and I went to go buy me a new camera.  We ended up at Cardinal Camera and found a very nice digital camera. It was a touch screen! I was SO pumped! And the thing that made the camera the camera of my dreams was that it was purple! My day, thus far was AMAZING. After spazzing over my yen and purple camera I had to go to work, which I was not too happy about.  Spending three hours in the hot sun watching the ripples of the pool pass you by isn't my cup of tea. haha.  The good news, though was that my mom texted me telling me my packet came in the mail finally! I was so anxious to go home.  Finally 3 o' clock rolled around and I ran to my car where my packet was awaiting me.  I maniaclly ripped it open and read my acceptance letter which filled me with such happiness.  I looked all into the packet when I got home. I was right about one thing...the t-shirt would probably be huge.  It was a large and it is basically a dress on me haha but oh well! I don't care!  (I'm actually wearing it right now)
Right after work my friends and I had decided to get together, so I drove to my one friends house where I was expecting just a nice get together, but I was wrong.  They had planned a surprise going away party.  I was clueless! My friend was like "it's hot out here, lets go down into the basement".  I thought nothing of it, but when I arrived in the basement, its floor was covered in balloons, there was a big sign wishing congratulating me, and food!  Lots of food! I was so surprised! I couldn't beleive it! We had such a wonderful time! It was amazing!  I can't thank them enough!
After the party my mom and I went shopping again to buy more stuff for Japan.  We bought a blue skirt for a uniform.  (I'm so excited to wear a uniform!) We went to Barnes and Nobles and got a present for my host family, a nice picture book of PA.  One for them and another for my future Japanese class.  After all that scrambling I'm exhausted!  It's now 10:45 and I'm ready to pass out.  Today has been such an amazing day!  I can't believe it; I only have 4 more days of school left!  I don't know how I'm going to survive those days, my minds going to be off dreaming about Japan.
I can't believe this is happening.  I feel like I'm dreaming and that soon I'll wake up, but it's not a dream. In a little over a week I'll be in Japan!  I'm so happy! :]

*continues to listen to Becoming a Geisha, from Memoirs of a Geisha*


Abby said...

Hm, I look DRUNK in that picture Em!!!!!!!!! We just got back from our Memorial Day party so I was really excited the read this post. I love the shirt that looks like a dress. Maybe it will be conservative enough to wear to your new school =D I'm just kidding. I'm really glad you enjoyed the party. Believe it or not, but after two days I'm STILL not partied out. Want another going away party? I'M JUST JOKING!!!!!!!!!! Update again soonn!!!!!!!! (Still attempting to overfeed the koi!)

Becca said...

Haha, I'm glad you liked your party! Your new dress (ahem t-shirt?) looks lovely. I can't believe that you're leaving so soon! I'm so excited to see all the pictures that you post with your new PURPLE camera! AHHH, I'm so happy for you!

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