Thursday, July 15, 2010

Electronic Dictionary at it's Best!

So here in Ishigaki almost all the students have electronic dictionaries to help them understand English.  My friend Ashley's host sister lets her borrow hers so Ashley and I have had a little fun with the electronic dictionary...hehe!  So here are a few words we looked up and the definition given by the handy dandy electronic dictionary:

 (Please Enjoy)

Pudgy- fairly fat

Waddle- to walk with short steps with your body moving from one side to another-used especially about people or birds with fat bodies and short legs.

Poke- to quickly push your finger or other pointed object into something or someone

Squash- to press something into a flatter shape, often breaking or damaging it

Burp- to pass gas loudly from your stomach out through your mouth

haha! so yes, we have been quiet a fun time with the poor little electronic dictionary! >:] haha! 


Amanda said...

You know sweety, I'm pretty sure that capturing the dictionary should be a legal offense. Please give it back to Ashley's host sister before it dies. (Just for the record, I wish we had electronic dictionaries for OUR language classes - then I wouldn't have completely FAILED at Latin =p)

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