Thursday, July 8, 2010

Life in Ishigaki

‎Tuesday, ‎July ‎06, ‎2010

Saturday morning it was just free time so I hung around and watched more Nodame  Cantabile episodes! <3  I LOVE it.  <3  Then in the afternoon I was supposed to go with Yumi and her friend Sakiko shopping but unfortunately Sakiko couldn't go :[  So it was just me and Yumi.   We were driven by our okasan to McDonalds and our okasan and Aimi dropped Yumi and me off for lunch at Mc.  (That's what they call McDondalds)  We ate lunch and it was really good!  Then after that Yumi and I walked to Game Land to play air hockey and do Purikura!  IT was so much fun! :D  After that we walked to a store called Shimamura.  I bought some nice things there! :D  I got a cute pool towel, which are different here than they are in the U.S.. It's prety amazing!  I got a cute little bag to go along with my Yukata and I got a sitting mat that has Totoro on it!  ^-^  After shopping we went to get icecream!  It was scrumptious!  After that we went to the bookstore and looked through books.  Lastly we headed to this cute little resturaunt where we met up with Aimi and our okasan.  I got this yummy thing of fruits on top of cream.  I don't remember what it was called haha!  We laughed alot! :D

We got back in the car and drove places and and then rested at home.  UNTIL I went to a festival.  It was so cute! :D I loved it! I met up with Ashley and Shiho and Maki and Ashley's okasan and otosan. :]  I saw my sensei (Yumi's Japanese teaher) and I held his daughter.  KAWAII! :D  haha!  It was a lot of fun!  I got shaved ice! 0_0 After that Ashley's otosan drove me home and I got home and relaxed. Then went to bed.

Sunday morning I woke up and made myself breakfast and relaxed.  After a while Aimi, Yumi and I went to go bowling with Yumi's friend Kanako and at the bowling alley we met up with Ashley, Shiho, Maki, and Ashley's okasan.  We bowled and it was a lot of fun (minus the fact that our lane was having problems and the poor lady had to fix it about 5 times xD)  After bowling we went to the arcade which was in the same building, right when you walk into the building you had to go through the arcade to get to the bowling, so we went looking at the arcade games.  I found the UFO catcher and Ashley spotted a Nodame Cantabile plushie key chain thing.  So I HAD to get her.  So i tried and tried and FINALLY I got her! :D (She's sitting on my bedside table right now ^-^)  After that Yumi, Aimi, Kanako, and I  went to A&W and ate lunch.  It was very yummy! We dropped Kanako off and then drove home.  There was time to relax before Aimi and I went to the beach with the rest of her classmates.  It was so much fun!  Ashley, Maki, and Shiho went too! :D It was so much fun!  The girls were loving the idea of sitting on a big raft thing and trying not to make it dip on them thus throwing them into the water.  It was a lot of fun!  I tried scanchronized swimming with two girls HAHA It was histarical! :D Aimi and I had to leave earlier than planned because we had dinner with the South Eugene chaparones, Barbara and David. It was nice to be able to hear English :] Aimi performed a dance she knew from a play she was in.  (She was the lead girl 0_0.  She's BUFF)   After they left Aimi, Yumi, and I cleaned up.  Bonding time :]  Then we went to bed. 

Monday was good.  I hadn't been in school for awhile so it was kind of weird.  I went to Aimi's class but Ashley was absent because she wasn't feeling well.  BUT I made new friends! They're all so nice here!  Yui, Nagisa, and the others! :D  haha!  I was with Aimi's class for 1st to 4th period.  After lunch I went with Yumi's class.  I saw Kanako, Chikako, Shirori, Tomoe. :D  It was great! :D I missed them!  Especially Shiori because I hadn't seen her in a long time. After school I went home and lounged around until we had to go to Club Med to celebrate my otosan's birthday! :D 50! whoot!  haha! :D It was: Otosan, Okasan, Barbara, David, Aimi, Maki, Yumi, Yuto, Ashlet and me! It was "VIking" style which is basically buffet style.  It was really good! :D After eating we went to go see a fashion show that Club Med had.  It was awesome! Ther was this ADORABLE little boy that Ashley and I obsessed over the entire time. haha!  After that we went home and relaxed & went to bed.  (I watched more Nodame >_<) 

Today I woke up and went to school . I went with Yumi today and it was fun!  After lunch I went to Aimi's class and talked to Ashley.  :D  Then I went to Yumi's class for LHR. (6th period)  It was fun!  :D  Then I went home with Aimi and I watched the last episode of Nodame the drama and I cried. Yup.  That's right.  I'm a wimp. hehe.  Then I relaxed and around 7:45 I went with Aimi to her piano lesson.  It was fun!  I enjoyed it.  Aimi is really good at the piano! ^-^  haha!  I played one peice for her piano teacher WHICH I butchered haha! BUT I redeemed myself through singing! So now I"m going to be singing at this concert thingy.  I don't know when but I will be singing. :]  Yay! haha!  So now it's 10:54 at night and I should be going to bed soon!  Well oyasuminasai! I"ll try to post pictures soon and blog about daily life here in Ishigaki & Japan in general! :D  Peace out! ^-^


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Emmy has a singing gig in Japan!!!!!!!! WOOHOO, you're international BEFORE you're even famous at home, ahahahaha <3

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