Tuesday, July 13, 2010


so one of the days between my last post and now I made chinsukou with the south eugene students and people.  It was a lot of fun!  My life was complete! 

Friday was a good day in the morning but in the afternoon we were off to Iriomote island!  Along with the south eugene students and the host brothers and sisters we were off on an adventure.  We drove to the port and went on a boat to Iriomote.  It took about 40 minutes.  We got to iriomote and we had to walk 30 minutes to our "house".  It was not fun.  We got there and got introduced and all and then had time to settle in.  We had free time until dinner. We had dinner then had more free time until our night walk. That was not fun...people kept popping out of nowhere...0_0. e-gad!  After our night walk we did fire crackers which were very fun!  Now, the curfew was supposed to be at 10:30pm but most people stayed up until 3:00am.  Ashley and I vowed to have an all-nighter but alas we failed and went to bed at 4:30 am.  We were close.  After about 2 hour of sleep we got up had breakfast (Which as a normal japanese breakfast which I'm not used to...) we had time to pack and then we walked back to port and went on a boat tour of mangrove trees.  It was cool..I was a zombie though so I didn't really take it all in...>_<  After the boat tour we got back on another ferry back to  Ishigaki.  Later that day I really don't remember anything..I was so tired.  I know I slept a lot.

Sunday got up and relaxed, had the morning to myself.  Yumi and Yuto had a soft tennis tournament.  They beasted!  Aimi had a test and Okasan was cheering Yumi and Yuto on meanwhile my otosan was at work. At arouind noon Ashley and I went shopping and it was awesome!  We got cute clothes, I got my very first obento! <3  We did purikura and got music notebooks.  Then after that we went to karaoke. It was Aimi, Maki, Ashley, Charise, Charise's host sister, Matsuyo, and me.  It was so much fun! Then after that Ashley and I went to the Beer Festival.  It was very good, but very crowded.  WE watched some hanabe but alas it wasn't that grea. :(  After I got home I went to sleep.

Today (monday) was the last day for the South Eugene High School kids. We wished them goodbye towards the end of the day.  After school Ashley came over to watch the very last (normal) episode of NOdame Cantabile.  It's amazing! <3333 Then after that I just relaxed with my family.  I put on a fashion show of what I bought the other day.  :]  Now it's 11:49 and I should go to bed.  Good night! <3

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So right now it's tuesday and I was with Yumi's class this morning. nothing special haha :] but there was a guy blasting his trumpet ino our room, so that was pretty funny! lol Well I'll go now and post later!  I can't believe only about a week left! :'(  It's so sad! I don't want to go home!


Abby said...

Hey Emmy!!!!! I'm so glad you're still having an awesome time. That night walk sounds like so much funn!!!!!!! (But I know you don't like creepy stalker peoples jumping out in front of you, hahaha.) Just wanted to let you know, we leave for vacation on July 24. It was DEFINETELY a last minute thing, and I don't know if you guys were still planning to come down for a day (or even if you would be over your jet lag by then) but if you were, just let me know, because I would love to see all of you guyss <3 Keep having fun Emmy, love ya!!!!!!!

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