Friday, July 2, 2010

Frolicing on an Island of Paradise :]

So Tuesday was my last day of school for a while because the students had exams.  So I enjoyed my time there.  Many people's classes were basically just to study so Ashley and I chilled.  I was with Aimi's class in the A.M. & in the P.M. I went with Yumi's class.  It was really funny because in Yumi's math class the kids around us heard music and were trying to figure out where it was so they were digging around in people's bags and desks trying to find out the source.  Then one of them pointed to someone who was also looking and he looked in his pocket and it was HIS cellphone which was making the music. LOL It was so funny, meanwhile the teacher was like 0_0.  haha. He didn't seem amused xD!  When I went back to Yumi's class I talked to Kanako, Chikako, Shiori, Tomoi, & others and then I talked to ther guy from South Eugene named Jaydon. He was really nice! Yumi gave me chinsukou! I as so happy! :D I had to say goodbye to them because I wouldn't be seeing them for awhile. Tuesday I stayed up until about 2 a.m. because I was watching the Japanese soccer team with my otosan.  They lost. I stayed up until 2 a.m. to watch them lose by ONE kick thingy to Paraguay. UGH! T-T I felt so bad for them.  They were all crying. So I cried too.

Wednesday, the South Eugene kids, Ashley, and I went to the Mayor's office and talked to him. (We later found out we were on T.V.)  After that we went on a bus tour around Ishigaki.  We went to a Chinese Tomb, Black Sweet shop thing, Kabira Bay, and to a beach where we swam.  I swam with a bunch of cute little fishies!  except I accidentally kicked one xD...poor fish!  It was really nice though! but after swimming we had to change back into our clothes and the changing rooms were wooden and they usually had locks inside but the one I went in had one on the outside instead and when I closed the door the lock outside I was locked in....haha.  I was like "help, I'm locked in, someone help" as I was like banging on the door...the poor random japanese people who probably thought I was a maniac! HAHA well after about 5 minutes of being a maniac some random man accidentally hit the lock on my door and I was free.  I thanked him ALOT but he was really confused LOL.  Oh! and that same day I got back on the bus and sat down and heard a loud POP and I looked down and my sunglasses were broken. T-T  I was in mourn over my now I need to get more haha xD But that day was nice but long and I was exhausted. LOL

Thursday I hung out with Ashley and I was introduced to this AMAZING song from Full Metal Alchemist!  It's called Brat'ja and it's in Russian and it's beautiful!  I love it so much!  I've been practicing it on my piano and I've almost gotten it down! YES! :D haha!  Along with that Ashley and I went shopping and went a little obsessive with manga haha xD  We each bought the rest of our manga series, which we had purchased the 1st book a week ago, so 5 books for ashley and 3 books for me. LOL  They're awesome! After that we went for the school picture! It was fun but hot!  After that I went back to Ashley's house and practiced more piano and watched more Nodame Cantabile! <3 GAYBO! <3

Friday we went with the South Eugene high school kids biking around the island to the fishing port and the Peace Museum. Ashley rode in a car because she didn't think she could bike that much.  I was stuck all by myself haha xD The fishing port was disgusting.  I was like x_x.  All the dead carcasses of the poor fish, who probably had families who they were just going to feed when they got cought and slaughtered. T-T It made me sad.  The Peace Museum was also sad.  All the pictures of those who had died in the war. T-T Ugh. Lets say the theme of that day was "Death". Not my favorite theme. haha.

Now it's saturday and I should probably get breakfast because I'm VERY hungry. haha.  They have cupstacking here? who knew haha.  So I'm probably going to ask my okasan about it because I spot 3 cups on our table. 0_0 Well I hope to post again soon!  :D


Mom said...

Nice post, Em. Please help out your poor Mom who doesn't know what chinsouku (Spelling?) is!

Eem said...

chinsukou is the best thing ON THIS EARTH! It's like this snack that is a mix between grahm crackers and short bread...something like is SOOOOOO good!!! I am going to buy a HUGE box when I leave so then I can have it for ever...(well it'll probably last me like 2 days T-T) haha!

Amanda said...

I got your postcard!!! I was really excited, because we just got back from hershey and i was dying because i'm really dehydrated apparently and my mom holds up this postcard with a beach on it and i screamed "EMILY!!!!" and made my dad drop his suitcase, which landed on it foot. So I laughed. Hard. I love the pic on the postcard. So pretty. And the stamp was pretty awesome too. Glad you're still having a good time (Gladder that you don't have to take exams.) We were at hershey all weekend, I rode every rollercoaster there and nearly passed out while waiting for the log flume because I was sooo hot. Then we watched the fireworks on this hill overlooking a small field and there were fireflies everywhere and it was so pretty. I'll tell you more about it when you get home. Keep having fun <3

Eem said...

aww AMANDA! <3 I LOVE YOU! :D HAHA!! I'm glad you liked my postcard! I was like "THIS is the perfect one for Manda!" haha! Please feel better & don't be dehydrated because being dehydrated is NOT okay! okay? haha! I loves you and I'm happy you had a lot of fun at Hershey! I miss you! I can't believe that I only have 2 more weeks left here! It's crazy! haha! Well I will be waiting to talk to you when I come back! ^-^

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