Monday, June 28, 2010

This is one messed up post...sorry

‎Sunday, ‎June ‎27, ‎2010

soo...i havent blogged in a really long time!  I believe the last time I blogged was last wed. and now it's sunday night! okay...lets see.....where to begin...
so Ashley and I went to go shopping on Wed.!  we went to the mall, near from where she lives.  It's called Ioponi!  Before shopping we had to get money! lol! So my okasan dropped Ashley and me off at the bank so we could transfer our travelers checks.  We were like "YES WE FEEL SO INDEPENDENT!" We were so proud of ourselves....until we got to the desk and the lady handed us a form that required your address and telephone number, and you would need to show the clerk your passport....We both looked at each other and were like "NO!!!!" was VERY sad!  So we walked back to Ashley's house and got her information and luckily she got her money.  We went shopping and went to a cute little deli called: Vanilla Deli.  We both got fish n' chips ^-^.  We then headed home.  I was dropped off at my house and we had a good rest the day together! :]
Thursday and Friday were good!  School was good! :D I forget which day it was but one of the days we went out to eat dinner at a resturaunt called ookiya...(i think) It was oishi! <3  Friday, Aimi and I went to her friend Nami's house! It was very yummy and it was really fun!  There were about 14 of us in a small room!  It was awesome!  :D I had a lot of fun!
Saturday was fun!  I went over to Ashleys early in the morning and we hung out and watch T.V.  The program was featuring a segment about different kinds of animal babies! It was so cute!!!! <3333 (i.e. baby: foxes, puppies, monkeys...^-^)  kawaii!! We waited for her host sister Maki to get back from Saturday school so then we could go to Ioponi together...So before she came back we went to the post office.  Both Ashley and I got SUPER DOUPER AWESOME STAMPS!  (Full Metal Alchemist! mwahaha!!)  We both sent out our piles of postcards to our friends and family. And apparently in Japan you don't need to lick your stamps b/c there's a dish thingy that you place your stamp in to get it wet and then voila! It's ready to be stuck on....but Ashley and I thought otherwise and continued to manually lick our stamps. hehe.  After our adventured we then headed back to her house to get Maki, but when we got there she told us she had to study so she couldn't it was just Ashley and me!  We got a lot of presents! It was awesome!  We went to the chacacter store! OMG KAWAII! <3 I love it here!  I got a lot of gifts for everybody! I felt so happy!  After shopping Ashley and I tried to figure out someplace to eat...but alas....there were no restaurants in sight T-T. We wandered and finally found a place to eat.  "It was suave" haha!  I have become a rice addict.  It's crazy! Before I came here I was like "ew rice" but now if anyone even hints about rice I become a little crazy...just a little...haha. >_<  After eating we went to the book store and got some manga! Yay manga! <3 It was fun!
We got home and Ashley and I bonded until my otosan came.  We got home and then had a nice evening together! 
Today (sunday) I got up and had the morning to mosey around.  I went on Facebook and talked to my friend David.  It made me very happy to be able to talk to my friend!  After lunch my otosan and Ashley went to a museum together.  It was awesome!  and after that we went clothes shopping!  I got a YUKATA! <3 :D :D :D and it's PURPLE! ^-^ YIPPEE! :D HAHA! It was expensive but I have it now! After shopping we dropped Ashley off and went back home to get ready for the welcoming party of 10 Americans from Oregon who were going to stay approx. 2 weeks here in Ishigaki.  It was a lot of fun!  I hung out with Ashley and we both watched the boys be boys...yup.  -_- They were like "YES BASKETBALL!! <3" haha!
After the party we came home and now I'm writing this very confusing blog haha.  well it's getting late and I want to finish a manga book that I've begun to read...(not the one I got at Ioponi...another managa about music!)  Well hopefully I'll be able to blog again soon! :]

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So now it's Monday and today was the Oregon people's first day of school! lol they were being swarmed!  One guy was in Aimi's class.  His name is Andre and he's cool.  But was cool!  I'll try to post again soon. :]


Mom said...

Thanks for the update. Glad you finally got some shopping done! By the way, the dishes with sponges in them for wetting stamps used to be in post offices here, but now we have the peel and stick stamps, so you don't see the wetting stations anymore. Just an FYI!

JulieZuck said...

Hey Em, my Japanese friend served Kozue served us kakigori (green tea flavor) the other night! I am now a shaved ice addict without any way to get my fix! Bring me back a manual shaved ice machine (I'll pay you back) and you'll be my friend forever! Kozue has one shaped like a bear -- about the size of a cookie jar! No electricity needed! Seriously, I need this ... bad! Julie

Becca said...

Yay! You posted again! Ishigaki is now being invaded by Americans. Oh well. Keep having lots of fun! We miss you sooo much!

Eem said...

Mom: REALLY? lol i'm oblivious!
Julie: I will def. try to get some shave ice for you! :D
Becca: haha! :P Thanks & I miss you too!

Amanda said...

I love the purple yukata. I want you to wear it when you get home so I can see. Love yaaaaas!!!!!

Eem said...

haha I def. will! <3

juliezuck said...

the machine, not the shaved ice -- haa haaaa -- remember -- a handcrank model, what would I do with a Japanese plug??? (I assume they use a different kind of plug/electricity than we do).

seriously don't knock yourself out but if you go into a store with cooking stuff etc you should find can bring it with you on August 13th when you visit us!!! and we can have shaved ice with green tea!

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