Sunday, June 20, 2010

Another long post....-_-' ah! sorry!

‎Saturday, ‎June ‎19, ‎2010

so....i haven't blogged uin a VERY long time! gomennasai!  I've been so busy over the past few days! I can't really remember the last thing I posted about....haha....oh dear....I think that I was talking about how I would soon go to a boat race.....SO I'll start from there! 
So I woke up and said good-bye to Aimi and Yumi, who had to go to school...haha >_<  I got dressed and ready and otosan and I drove to Ashley's house to pick her up.  We got there and Ashley was awaiting our arrival! :D So she got in the car and we were off! To Hary (i think that's how you spell it)  We got there and found a nice place to sit.  We sat and waited for the event to begin.  It began and it was awesome!  First, before the actual races each team did a dance, they all had elaborate costumes on.  It was pretty beast!  :] Then the actual races started and Ashley and I cheered on the blue team (ao) onto victory!  We watcheda couple more races until we got very hungry.  I had originally spied a little boy with a HUGE bag of cotton candy so I was hoping of getting one for myself.  Ashley volunteered to go and get some food.  She took a while, but she finally came back with the huge cotton candy for me; and for herself she bought shaved ice.  We both enjoyed our snacks.  After awhile Ashley's host mom and sister came.  It was nice to see them.  I then decided to get shaved ice because I was so thirsty and hot.  So I went and waited in a long line to get shaved ice.  When I got back Shiho, Ashley's little host sister , was eating Takoyaki.  She offered one to Ashley and one to me....omg I was about to die! xD haha....well I ate it and it was actually good.  Oh! if you don't know what takoyaki is, it's a ball of octopus...yummy right?  Well after I had finished chewing on that Ashley and I went to get more food.  We got my popcorn and as we were headed for the corn dogs and french fries my otosan called telling us a unique boat race was about to begin.  Sadly and without our food we went back to watch, but I'm very glad we did.  It was awesome!  The boaters had to purposely flip when a flag did something weird.  It was so cool! After we watched that I went to Ashley's house, my otosan had to stay in case of an emergency.   Ashley's house was aweosme!  Unforutnately since I had stuffed my face with food at the boat race I wasn't hungry I didn't eat anything at Ashley's house even though her okasan insisted >_< Ah! After that Ashley and I went to my house and hanged.  We watched Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, the original one, and The Hunchback of Notre Dame.  After that we did ultimate Disney Quizzes!  It was INTENSE! :D SHe then had to leave and I had free time.   After free time I went to dinner and so on and so forth.
The next couple of days were just school.  It was really fun! I love that school! :D My new friends are AWESOME!  I finally had swimming! It was awesome!!! :D :D :D I LOVE SWIMMING!!!!!!!! :D :D :D :D Everyone was like "you are superman!" or "you are so fast" haha xD  Other than that school was school :]  One day I went shopping with Aimi and my okasan after school! I got shorts and some AWESOME PURPLE SHOES! <3333
Yesterday Ashley and I went shopping at a mall called Ioponi.  It was awesome! I got an adorable Hello Kitty pen :D I got some nice PJ pants that are ACUTALLY long enough haha...and I got some rad postcards! :D  Yuto, Yumi, Aimi, my okasan, and I played card games after dinner! It was alot of fun!
Today was Sat. and Aimi had saturday school.  I went and met up with Ashley and we hung out together during school.  After school we went to Mister Donought! (i know. i know I can't spell...) WELL... It was awesome! After that Ashley and her host sister Maki came over and we did karaoke! :D Shiho and Ashley's okasan came over and did karaoke too! It was so much fun!  After they left it was free time.  I then watched Aimi's favorite T.V. drama! Man it was intense!  After that we watched Japan in the World Soccer Cup thing.  That was intense too!
Now I'm typing this and it's 11:21 pm and I should probably go to sleep.  Tomorrow I'm going to Takitomi Island with Maki and Ashley!! AH!! I'm so excited!!! I'll try to post again soon!! :D


Becca said...

WHEE!!! I'm glad you're having so much fun. You're so much braver than I am, I would never have tried an octopus ball. Take pictures of your new purple shoes so that I can see them! Tell your host family that you friends from PA say "hi!" We miss you bunches!

Abby said...

Ditto on what Beccas said. I really wish I could see a video on that boat race, it sounds wicked intense!!!! I'm (supposed to be) working on my history homework but I'm like, "No, I'll see how one of my bestest friends is doing in Japan." So here I am and I am screwed tomorrow XD

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