Monday, June 14, 2010

first day of school

This morning I awoke at 7:00 am for school.  Aimi popped her head in and said hello, good morning! :D  I woke up and headed to breakfast.  I got bread, some mango juice (i think), and some yogurt with some cube things in it, haha I don't know what I ate! I then said good-bye to Aimi who had to go to school early.  Yumi and I got ready and then we both headed to school on our bicycles.  I now know that I am not that good at riding in narrow spaces.  I crashed into the wall twice! xD  We got to school and met the teachers. Ashley and I had to introduce ourselves.  She was awesome!  I was..okay xD haha I stank! After that I went with Yumi to her homeroom.  People were eyeballing me! LOL  We got to homeroom and we sat.  The day went like this, first we had homeroom, then geography, math, home economics, lunch, english, japanese.  For lunch we got to come home and eat.  I didn't like the lunch today xD ah!  I felt bad! Englisdh class was cool, I had to stand infront of the class and get questions asked to me...and I could ask them questions too. Someone asked me if I had a boyfriends LOL  She was so cute! :D  I met a lot of new people!  They are so kawaii!!! I LOVE IT!! :D :D :D :D They make me so happy!  I know need to learn their names >-< haha  I feel bad!
I left school by myself because Yumi had to stay after for English.  I was tired.  I got home and went into my room to cool down...i fell asleep for 30 minutes!  I didn't mean to at all! lol!  I then got up and I found that my okasan's mother was there.  She was so cute!!! After that I hung around the house.  I watched Charlie and the Chocolate Factory! LOL We had dinner and then played cards!
I love it here!
Tomorrow I don't have to go to school because I am going to watch a boat race! I'm so excited!, but I'll miss seeing my new friends! :(  But I'll see them on Wed! :D Oyasuminasai!


Becca said...

Hahaha, I'm glad you're having fun! Make sure you eat enough when you're over there, so that you can pretend that your mommy gave you a clean plate award. School there sounds AMAZING... lucky you! Have fun watching boats tomorrow! We miss you!

Abby said...

How are you doing with the language? I would hate to have to stand up there in front of people and introduce myself in Japanese!!!!! (Which, as we all know, I suck at.) I had to drive through this crazy rain storm yesterday. You should have seen it Emmy, I was peeing myself, the roads were flooding in places it was so bad, and then my wind shield wippers wouldn't work for a little bit. Aaaaaahh!!!! Have fun watching a boat race, it sounds like sooooo much fun!!

Eem said...

haha <3333 Yeah Becca, I've eaten a lot! I'm actually really surprised! And Manda: DON'T DIE!!! T-T haha I'm learning more Japanese each day! I love it! :D And the Boat races were superb! <3 I miss you guys! <33

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