Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Fun Times :D

Takitomi was amazing! Unfortunately Maki couldn't go because she had homework she didn't do. My otosan and Ashley and I went to the dock and got onto a ferry which would take us to Takitomi.  It was only about a 10 min. ride.  After we got there we went on a glass bottom boat.  It was sweet!  I saw some little Nemos swimming around.  It was awesome!  After that we took a van into the heart of the island to a bike rental shop.  We got our bikes and then proceeded to bike around the island.  Poor Ashley hadn't biked in like 3 yrs so she was slow at first.  Meanwhile I was like "PUT THE PEDAL TO THE MEDAL!" and I was speeding like a maniac haha xD  The island was beautiful! I caught a little hermit crab and named him Bob.  He was my Bob. :]  We saw water bison and cats haha!  I was lucky enough to swim in the ocean!  It was so awesome!  The water was clear and warm. I was in heaven.  Except I was swimming and looking underwater and I saw a hole in the sand so I went in for a closer look and when I did a little orange and white eel was staring up at me with its little black beady eyes.  I screamed underwater and swam away as fast as I could.  haha xD  After swimming we went for more bike riding.  After getting semi-lost we finally got back to the bike rental shop and took the van back to the Visitors center and took the ferry back to Ishigaki.  After that we went to the Ishigaki Gelatto.  It was delicious!  Then we dropped Ashley off and I went home.  The rest of the day was really nice!
Monday was school again so I saw all my friends again! :]  No swimming that day so I was very sad!  haha 
Tuesday was school again and I had 2 classes of swimming!  One class with Aimi and one with Yumi! It was really awesome! It was test day and we had to swim laps for the teachers.  Most of the kids swam regular laps to see how many they could do without stopping.  The max was 8 laps.  But, for me I had to swim the I.M. (Individual Medley)  I hadn't swam it for SO long!  After I swam it in Aimi's class I was dead! And then for Yumi's I swam it again and I died again! LOL I really need to get back into shape! haha...but even though I was out of shape I beat everyone else by like 1.5 laps. I felt bad xD  After the first 4 periods I went home for lunch with Yumi and Ashley was there.  The school was having meetings for the last 2 periods so Ashley and I didn't have to go. So we stayed at my house, sang, looked up anime that we used to watch when we were tiny and yeah...It was awesome! :D haha Toonami used to be GREAT...but now it's just sad....T-T I want all my anime shows back! lol
Well, now it's Wed. and it's a shopping day for me and Ashley.  I'm very excited!  Aimi, Yumi, and Yuto don't have school because in Ishigaki (only in Okinawa)  today's considered a holiday because it was the "official" end of WWII.  So yeah!  I'm excited for today!  I'll blog again soon! Until then Ja ne! :D


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